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Self Portrait on 35mm film


Michael Denton is most well known for his photographic talent, abstraction and his acute eye for detail.


Born in 1993 and hailing from Arroyo Grande, California, Denton first started shooting photographs when he was 8 years old, inspired by his father being the head photographer of the evidence unit for the Modesto Police Department.


His fascination with details and photography became inseparable while studying the works of Alfred Stieglitz, Mike Blabac, and Ryan Allan.


The young Denton got his first camera, a Nikon D5100, for Christmas in December of 2011. He started shooting pictures of his friends and family during school events and gatherings. Denton continued to learn more about photography by taking photography classes and yearbook while attending high school.


At age 18, Denton moved to Camarillo, California in order to hone his skills as well as having a change in scenery from Modesto, California. In 2013 The Misfits gave Denton his first big break, allowing him to photograph them at the Majestic Ventura Theatre. Denton started doing more freelance work around Ventura, California that same year, and soon started garnering the eye of the community.


He later moved along the Central Coast of California to Arroyo Grande where he expanded his outreach for freelance photography. In 2016, Denton joined Vans Footwear as an intern, where he learned layout design and prop setup.


Denton is now known as the go to guy to shoot portraits, events, and sports. He’s built a strong reputation at being able to capture the raw emotions in portraits and bring out the inner personalities of those in the shots.

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